Work for vo schools

In our work, we combine creativity with behavioral psychological principles. Before we develop a campaign, we examine why the people in your target audience choose what they choose, do what they do. And where the sensitive chord is to influence that, plus what behavioral techniques apply. That’s how you get more students targeted.

Below are examples of our work for a selection of clients. Click on an image for more images and explanations.

“When you see how fast our student body is growing, it’s extraordinary. I had hoped for growth. But the speed of this success has surprised me.”
Freek op ‘t Einde – director Comenius Lyceum Amsterdam

“Together we have been running a very good campaign for more than a decade that has brought about an above-expected high number of applications. The school has grown spectacularly over those years.”
Arno Raven – department manager ARH Bergen

“The applications turned out extremely well! That’s what you do it for.”
Hassan el Hachhiouchi – principal of Calvin College