Phone 020 894 3 498
Address Crane Trail 50
1033 SE Amsterdam


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“Why would I recommend Cijs & Co? I think Victor is able to listen and see very well. He has a good open mind. It’s like: listen, listen, listen. Victor then goes to brood, brood, brood. And then comes up with something that resonates with our target audience and of which I think yes, this is what I want.”

Gerard Roos – principal of City College
Customer since 2017

Hassan el Hachhouchi CC

“The cooperation with Cijs & Co is perfect. Victor is very critical but also helpful. He calls out things that help us. Not just what the client wants. He can really listen very well. And he stands next to you. He gives strong advice AND knows how to put it into practice with his team, roll it out perfectly.”

Hassan el Hachhiouchi – principal of Calvin College
Client since 2021

“The contact with Victor Cijs, which is a fine one. If we want something, it is arranged in no time. He takes work off our hands. The speed of action, just being able to agree with each other very directly in a simple way. It sparkles, that’s light, that’s attractive.”
Arno Raven – team leader ARH Bergen
Customer since 2011

Esther Wolters-Ouburg Palet

“I like working with Cijs & Co very much. Precisely because Victor listens, is involved and genuinely interested. It’s not a one-man-show, it’s just together. And he works well with the designer and web builder we already had. I like that too!”

Esther Ouburg – site manager Palet
Client since 2021

Freek op 't Einde CLA

“There is a strong approach behind it; his success is not accidental. Cijs applies principles from social psychology. It works every time. If you can link the name of your agency to scientific insights that also keep renewing themselves, and keep learning, that’s ironclad. Cijs & Co’s organization also appeals to me: he has no employees but a team of experienced specialists, all self-employed. This allows him to deliver everything quickly, including videos, corporate identity, stationery, logo and banners. So completely worry-free. And flexibility, I like that.”

Freek op ‘t Einde – director Comenius Lyceum Amsterdam
Client since 2018

Han Dieperink IMK

“In this job, you have to catch ‘spring’. If someone throws a ball at you and you hold your hand completely still, it hurts like hell. Then it hits your hand hard. So you have to kind of spring your hand with that ball. And then then then you can throw it back. I try to do that and I notice that Victor does too. He springs along in my stubbornness, and then then he throws the ball back sharply. And that’s a fairly open game. So with that he respects my opinion and listens to it well, but that doesn’t take him away from his own vision.”

Han Dieperink – Director Institute for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Client since 2014