Victor Cijs (pronounced as ‘size’) is my name. I am an experienced communication strategist, copywriter and behaviour influencer. I help organizations use persuasive messages, words that get people moving. I have been doing this work for more than 35 years. With great successes. And great pleasure.

I focus on the behavioral effects of communication. In my approach, I apply all the knowledge known to me about emotions and behavior from social psychology, neuromarketing, market psychology, communication and advertising. That’s quite a lot by now.

How difficult it is to ‘just’ influence people’s behavior. To get them to buy your product, sign up for your training, sign up for your service, join your club, etc.

Moreover. with my team (& Co), I also develop the persuasive creative ideas. And we take care of all the production work.


– Research: determinants of behavior.
– Analysis: drivers and resistances.
– Messages: selecting persuasive promises and influencing techniques.

– Creation: developing results-oriented concepts for website and campaign.
– Production: site construction, design, texts, seo, sea, photos, videos, etc.
– Optimizations: evaluation and next steps.


My approach has produced many successful projects. For example, in recent years I have helped Bieze Food Group achieve a structural increase in sales of their salads on supermarket fresh shelves. I supported IMK (the Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises) in transforming into an online organization. I helped tech start-up Robin Radar make their drone detection system Iris big globally. I created the website and campaign for Palet, making this institution for gifted and highly sensitive children grow like crazy. I helped the Zaanse Golf Club recruit more members. And I have structurally realized for the high schools ARH Bergen, Calvijn College Amsterdam, Comenius Lyceum Amsterdam, Cygnus Gymnasium Amsterdam, Havo De Hof Amsterdam and Stad College Almere many more first-year enrolments.

I am proud of it. Each time the key was to really understand the conscious and unconscious needs or wishes of the target group. And respond to that creatively with primal emotions, desires and behavioral techniques.


To influence behavior, you need to understand how the mind works. Really basic knowledge: how does our behavior arise? Spoiler: mostly not through awareness or rational decisions. At least 95% of our choices come from unconscious reflexes.

A few examples:

To begin with, we prefer convenience. And not just when we are lazy. Even if we want to perform. We love things that are easy. That is rooted deeply in our system. Millions of years ago, we learned how to conserve our energy, deal with acute danger and gather food.

In addition, humans are really social animals. We want to be connected to others, to belong. This too stems from survival principles: together you stand stronger against outside dangers. We are also attracted to people with authority. And we are sensitive to reciprocity, what goes around, comes around. Occasionally that conflicts with our need for autonomy: we want to decide for ourselves what we do, and do not want others to impose anything on us.

On top of that, we need certainty and predictability. This is why, for example, we maintain our habits. And imitate who and what we like. We also want to hold on to a positive self-image, feeling good about our behavior, performance and preferences. Moreover scarcity, stress and shame often play a role.


I have advised more than 100 large and small companies and institutions, nationally and internationally. In the process, I have won multiple Effies (effectiveness awards), industry awards (e.g., “car launch of the year”) and creative awards (Cannes, ADCN, SAN). I have taught communication and advertising strategy at SRM and have been president of the Dutch IAA.

Long ago, in 1985, I started my career in the marketing department of Trouw and De Volkskrant (two national newspapers), after finishing HEAO in Utrecht. I learned the basics of the trade between 1986 and 1995 at the international advertising agencies DDB, Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson, both in Amsterdam and London. Then I worked as a freelance strategist for major Dutch advertising agencies. After which I ran my own successful communications agency Stopkracht for fifteen years.

As from 2016, I am a one man agency, surrounded by a large network of the best creative free lance specialists around me. I love this modern way of working.

2016-now Cijs&Co Communications Consulting – communications strategist/behavioral change consultant/copywriter
2001-2016 Stopkracht – communications strategist
1998-2001 Cijs&Co – communications strategist
1995-1998 Freelance – advertising strategist
1990-1995 DDB – account director/advertising strategist
1989-1990 Leo Burnett – account manager
1986-1989 J. Walter Thompson– account executive
1985-1986 De Volkskrant/Trouw – marketing assistant

Education and training

The best learning experience for me was practice. All those markets I’ve been privileged to explore. All those professionals I’ve had the privilege of working with. Great!

Over the last ten years I have added to my knowledge a lot of extra education and training. The most important one was the Behavior Change Academy’s post-graduate course by Ap Dijksterhuis and Rick van Baaren. Moreover I was trained in social selling, online copywriting, product launches, LinkedIn strategy, Facebook marketing, online marketing, social media, search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

And I love to read inspirational books on behavioural science, behaviour techniques, neurothings and social psychology.

2019-2021 Behaviour Change
2018-2019 Social Selling
2017-2018 Online Copywriting
2017-2018 Product Launches
2017-2018 Writing For The Web
2016-2017 Search Engine Optimization
2016-2017 Facebook Marketing
2016-2017 Online Marketing
1989-1991 Nima A and B
1987-1989 SRM Advertising 1 and 2.
1988-1989 James Webb Young (professional development program JWT)
1981-1985 HEAO


I’m six foot three, born in Amsterdam, work in the capital, live in a sunny apartment in Purmerend, have two sons (28 and 25) and like to play golf when I have the time.

I’m not technical, I can’t do DIY (well ok, a little bit). I’m a mediocre cook, know little about plants, don’t really like pets. And there’s a lot more I’m not very good at.

I am, however, good at social psychology, marketing and creation. In understanding the key issue of a marketing problem. Understanding your target audience, why people do what they do, why they choose what they choose. And how to influence them.

My personality

I make contact easily, reach out, take initiatives. I have the urge to find new creative solutions every day. I am a combination of spontaneous, calm and deliberate. I always listen to my inner voice, my feelings, my unconscious. That gives me confidence and makes me strong. On top of that, I’m nice too.

Your companion

I will be your proactive companion, advisor, direction giver. Personal and flexible. Lightning fast if needed. Solid, calm, steady on course. As a marketing and communications specialist, I am a sounding board for directors, executives, managers and marketers.

Who are Co?

Cijs&Co is a networking organization. I (Cijs) work with a team of experienced messengers (&Co). Creatives, copywriters, art directors, designers, dtp artists, web designers, videographers, commercial makers, photographers with various specialties, app designers, site builders, seo, sea, social media, online, crm, dm, email and marketing automation specialists, media strategists, online strategists, videographers, photographers, 3D producers, illustrators and presentation trainers.

This allows me to customise to your organisation and schedule to your planning. You may want to do a part of the work yourself, possibly under my guidance? No problem. And I work with your regular suppliers if required.

Favorite assignments

I commit myself to clients with whom I have a fine relationship. And to projects where success requires a change in behavior by the target group. Which also provide me with a good income.

What I mean by that?

A fine relationship

Pleasant, harmonious collaboration with ambitious clients. With mutual respect and trust. And I love it when we can laugh a lot, during the work.


I am looking for projects with a behavioral objective. Increase market share. Product introductions. Transformations. A situation where a target group is stuck in a wrong pattern of behavior. I want to influence their choice and buying behavior. To contribute to big commercial success.

A good income

And I have to be able to earn money from it. Like you. Like all involved. When I work for you, I go all the way.

By the way, I am open to a performance-based low fee with a high bonus when achieving the objectives.

Is that expensive?

My work always yields much more than it costs. That is a promise.

Yes, good work costs money, but bad work costs fortunes….

As a small organization, I have no overhead and no outside shareholders. That’s why my rates are lower than those of big consulting firms with large staffs.

Developing a strategy and persuasive creative message costs roughly between 7,000 and 17,000 euros. For target group research, I charge around 4,500 euros (of course excluding respondent fees and location costs).

I offer fixed project budgets, without unpleasant surprises afterwards. Only when the amount of work is not clear beforehand, I calculate my hours afterwards. You pay only for what you need. In a tightly directed process, on budget, within the agreed deadline.

Each project is broken down into smaller parts. If necessary, you can end the project mid-term. Then we will only charge our spent hours and costs.

Industries and brands I have advised

Services b2b

Air France-KLM Cargo, Aon, Art Associates, Atradius, Entrpnr, Fespa Netherlands, Fiscaal Totaal, Hoenderdos, Institute for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Inter Access, Ipsos, Koninklijke Saan, Leaseplan, MKB In Business, MKB Vangnet, PinkRoccade, Raet, Stichting 155-Help-a-bedrijf, Sycada, Technicum Unique, TNT Express WorldWide, VAI, YES Leadership.

Services b2c

Agis, Alex, Axa, Amicon, Bayar, Bunnik-Projekten, Canal Digitaal, Centraal Beheer Achmea, Connexxion, Content, Creyf’s, Delta Lloyd, Fitkids, FreeBees, GlaxoSmithKline, Groot Verzet Tegen Kanker, GVB, Heliomare, Hollandsnieuwe, Interpay, Ilse Media, KLM, La Bloemen, MSD, Nationale-Nederlanden, Openbaar Vervoer Utrecht, Oxxio, Palet Flevoland, Park-line, Shiatsu Purmerend, Sky Radio, Wakker Dier, ZVA, Zaanse Golf Club, Zilveren Kruis Achmea.

Sustainable b2b and b2c

Caterpillar, Dell, Federation Gold & Silver, Forbo Krommenie, Honda, Hunter Douglas, Info’Products, Moulinex, Opel, Philips, Radson, Remeha, Robin Radar, Volkswagen.

Education institutes

Adriaan Roland Holstschool Bergen po, Adriaan Roland Holstschool Bergen vo, Alba Academy, Calvijn College Amsterdam vo, Comenius Lyceum Amsterdam vo, Cygnus Gymnasium Amsterdam vo, De Savornin Lohman Hilversum vo, Geert Groote College Amsterdam vo, Havo De Hof Amsterdam vo, Het Baken Almere vo, Horizon College Alkmaar/Heerhugowaard/Purmerend ROC, Inter-national School Almere, Meiboom Hoofddorp po, Stichting Vrijescholen Ithaka po, Parcival Hoorn po, RSC Haarlem vo, Rudolf Steinerschool Alkmaar po, Rudolf Steinerschool Haarlem po, Stad College Almere vo, Sterrenzanger Alkmaar po, Toermalijn Hillegom po, Vitusmavo Naarden vo, Vrije School Kennemerland Haarlem po, Vrije School Kleverpark Haarlem po, Vrije School Zaanstreek po, Waterlandschool Purmerend po, Willem de Zwijger College Bussum vo.

Government and semi-government

Ministry of Transport (promotion of maritime professions), Roteb, STD Foundation (AIDS public campaign).


Albert Heijn,, BP, Budget Rent a Car, Délifrance, Gamma, Hertz, Keukenhof, Marks & Spencer, Meubelplein Leiderdorp, Mobil, Nuon, Plus supermarkets, Shell, Simon Lévelt, SNS Bank, Vomar.


Bacardi, Baronie-De Heer, Bavaria, Bieze, Calvé, Coca-Cola, Cono Kaasmakers, Hero, Kellogg’s, Knorr, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Melk/Nederlands Zuivel Bureau, Paturain, Rambol, St. Moret, Proctor & Gamble, Schweppes, Silvo, Unilever, Vicks.


Boots International Healthcare, Dixan, Elsevier, Henkel, Hasbro, SC Johnson, Leeuwarder Courant, J/M for Parents, NRC Handelsblad, Organon, Parool, Philip Morris, Schick/Warner Lambert, Strepsils, Trouw, Vidal Sassoon, Volkskrant, Weekblad Pers.


Bizztrip, DFDS Seaways, Eurotunnel, Garuda Indonesia, Sally Ferries.


ADCN lamp for Calvé peanut butter campaign
ADCN lamp for Hero campaign
ADCN lamp for Trouw newspaper campaign
ADCN lamp for Zantac campaign
ADCN lamp for Zantac Bruis campaign
ADCN award for WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) campaign
Car launch of the year for Opel Agila campaign (Autoweek)
Cannes Lion BRONZE for Mobil campaign
Cannes Lion BRONZE for Trouw newspaper campaign
Cannes Lion GOLD for Calvé peanut butter campaign
Cannes Lion SILVER for Zantac campaign
Effie for Sky Radio campaign
Effie for Mobil campaign
Effie for Zantac campaign
Eurobest for Trouw campaign
SAN Accent for SOA Foundation campaign (AIDS public awareness)